Product customization

We provide services to an industry that constantly changes

Product customizationDairiConcepts adapts the needs for specific applications of recognized food companies with high volume requirements and growing companies with solid and new product initiatives. We have helped emerging food manufacturers to become leading brands with products that contain our ingredients and we have produced a collection of ingredients with hundreds of proprietary innovations.

Our product customization services include:


We have the experience to satisfy specific criteria in a flavor and / or functionality profile or to adapt them to a control sample.


We evaluate sensory attributes in a controlled environment, which complies with the ASTM standard, to guarantee reliable results and operate a pilot test facility. Our Quality Management and Food Safety System completes the process with documented procedures and tests carried out throughout the production.

Custom Packing

A wide variety of options are available for food manufacturers and food service companies that includes large and small bags, packaging and much more. We also provide custom packaging solutions for retail applications using custom-sized cans, jars, bags, mugs, and small sachets.

Our customization services can be provided as a main business function related to production or by means of a contract. For specific information, Send us an email or call 1-877-596-4374.