Sensory Services

How will the market respond to your product?

Sensory ServicesOur Sensory Services measure, analyze and interpret responses to products perceived through the senses. With professional methodologies, test controls, trained panelists and statistical interpretation, the results of our sensory evaluation help reduce commercial risk and evaluate methods to improve product acceptance.

The wide variety of Sensory Services from DairiConcepts can help improve the quality and marketability of your product.

Sensory Resources and Facilities

  • Test facilities that comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) located in the corporate laboratory
  • The controlled environment with graduated lighting supports a focus on flavor
  • Professionally trained sensory specialists manage and analyze conceptual tests, as well as quality control programs in our manufacturing plants

The Test Services That Are Offered

  • Comparative analytical tests for subtle differences in product attributes
  • Descriptive sensory product profiles based on controlled evaluations
  • Hedonistic inclination consumption assessments
  • Testing of new products launch
  • Product improvement services
  • Test for cost reduction or process changes
  • Quality control sampling for consistent sensory characteristics
  • Storage stability assessments

Our Sensory Services can be provided as a main commercial function related to production or through a contract. For specific information, Send us an email or call 1-888-596-4374.